Storm Water Conveyance Construction and Rehab

Trucks unloading during mobilization
Installation of aluminum CAP pipe for South Florida Water Management District
Installation of 2000 linear feet of 24″ ADS pipe for Lee County
Compaction of soil in preparation for mitered end section cut and apron pour
Installation of box culverts
Preparation of triple box culverts with filter fabric and RAM-NEK
Installation of footer for head wall
Concrete forms for head wall
Completion of head wall and box culvert

Due to an ever expanding rainy season and aging systems, oversaturation and flooding are becoming more commonplace than ever in our everyday dealings. If left unchecked these conditions cause erosion, landscape deterioration and overall instability.

Using a combination of specialized mechanical  equipment and  hand maintenance techniques, ETI’s specially trained crews  restore and  maintain       natural waterways,  as  well as  manmade conveyances, and provide drainage solutions to fit many size applications, from the small inlet between buildings to large scale public systems.