Shoreline Enhancement and Stabilization

Shoreline Enhancement and Stabilization
Heritage Cove in Fort Myers had an unsightly and eroded shoreline prior to ETI’s work.
Areas where slopes are too steep, riprap holds back dirt and adds material texture on the lake edge.
Finished work provides a native littoral plant shelf and nice views from the lake edge
Sherwood Forest had major shoreline erosion stemming from downspouts, washouts and poorly graded slopes
Inlet drains are installed to prevent washouts and keep pooling water from settling
After re-grading the shoreline, (TRM) turf reinforcement mat is installed to assist with slope stablization
Parker Lakes initially had deep shoreline cuts and was unattractive in the winter months
An excavator digs out sediment wash at Parker Lakes from the lake and smooths out the slope
Final re-grade with new sod makes a vast improvement
Parker Lakes two years after completion. Native littoral plants increase the health of your lake and aid in further control of erosion
Installation of Geo Web in brackish estuary
Tuscany Gardens problem was severe sedimentation which caused an unattractive shoreline
Rough regrade of the shoreline at Tuscany Garden
New downspout and inlet drains redirect water toward the lake
Final grade is confirmed and erosion fabric is installed to ensure shoreline stability
Tuscany Garden complete with established turf and alleviated drainage issues
Erosion is a common problem in Florida and can lead to unsafe conditions and code compliance issues. ETI has the knowledge and experience required to repair, stabilize and maintain any type of shoreline or slope. These include using a variety of methods from replacing the eroded fill to installing erosion control devices such as Turf Reinforcing Mat (TRM), GeoWeb and RipRap

ETI believes a healthy littoral shelf is the first line of defense in shoreline erosion control and we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff of biologists and arborists to guarantee a design that is not only functional, but beautiful as well.