Exotic Removal and Preserve Maintenance

Melaleuca clearing on managed forest lands
Before and after images of Melaleuca clearing
Clearing of highly invasive Brazilian Pepper, Schinus terebinthifolius
Recurring maintenance of flow ways keeps invasive plant species out and increases wildlife habitat
Silt fencing is installed and managed by ETI to ensure BMP’s on job sites
Prescribed burning of cleared vegetation. ETI holds a pile burning certification
Preservation of our native habitat
Specialized machinery, Kaiser Spider shown, allows ETI to manage hard to reach areas for maintenance
Exotic tree removal

ETIs roots are in the mitigation industry. The ever-growing range of nuisance/exotic plants in the state of Florida requires innovative and advanced technology to properly maintain and enhance natural communities. We have the equipment and manpower to cost effectively provide quality results. ETI offers a broad range of solutions to combat even the worst invasions of nuisance and exotic plants, with qualified biologists and thoroughly trained staff in the field to ensure the work is done correctly and efficiently.